About Us

Endeavour Craftsmen began in 2007, primarily as a construction company, building houses, wineries, and restaurants in Midcoast Maine. As the company flourished, it gravitated into the high-end cabinetry and furniture fields, where it has made its mark.

Endeavour is thriving in the greater-Boston marketplace, where we supply world-class cabinetmaking to some of the area’s finest homes, working with many of the most respected architects, designers, and builders.

The cover story on the March/April 2021 edition of “New England Home” Magazine is a testament to our craftsmanship, featuring a vast array of custom cabinetry and millwork throughout a Boston pied-à-terre on Marlborough St. in Back Bay.

Recently, we designed, built, and launched an ‘Element Furniture‘ line, specifically designed for urban living where outsmarting square footage is essential. Featuring building block pieces, the Element line enables you to combine furniture to form convertible, modular sets that exude modern heirloom-look and feel while maximizing space.

For illustration, the covert Element Home Office cupboard hides a lighted, fold-out desk space, printer station drawer, sliding file hangars, and tech-ready outlets so you or your family can work from home, Spanish class? No problemo! Order a bookshelf added-on to one side of the Home Office to house your travel books and souvenirs.

Clayton Thompson

designer, woodworker, artist, family man

BFA in art and design,  Academy of Art University, San Francisco.

Transplanted from the West to be close to his wife’s family, Clayton is the head designer for Endeavour and designed our Signature Furniture line.

More recently his ingenuity led to the development of the Element Furniture line, which he refers to as “Convertible Spaces.” Designing these elegant pieces with multiple uses in mind, you’ll see his creative ethos unfold as you look through our furniture.


Tom Huck Massey

arborist, vineyard consultant, media specialist, aviation expert

Tom is the owner, Tim’s, eldest son, and they have been working together since the beginning of time.

When Tom is not running the media and marketing operations for Endeavour and Element he can be found planting, managing, and consulting on vineyards in the Eastern United States.

Tim and Tom, also are both licensed UAV Pilots and have a commercial drone program specializing in agriculture and environmental mapping and aerial laser scanning.

As the Commodore of the Maine Model Yacht Club, Tom oversees racing every Sunday, rain, sleet, snow, or shine in Camden Harbor @ 2 PM EST.

His two young boys love to sit on their double-set of Element 3-bay Mudrooms and get into their fishing boots or ski boots depending on the season 🙂

Owner, Tim’s favorite combination is the Element Wardrobe with an attached desk. The deep clothes hangar and deep drawers gave his wife all kinds of new closet space and the connected desk made her dream dressing table! Happy wife, happy life!

When Tim’s away from being Endeavour’s “Maestro”, he enjoys life in Lincolnville hiking, kayaking, motorcycling and renovating his house with his wife, Liis. She’s both divine inspiration and the voice of reason all wrapped in one!

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